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    Things To Do in Cannes

    Even though Cannes is very famous for the Film Festival, the place also has a great reputation when it comes to tourism. The comforting weather throughout the year, luxurious hotels, resorts, and restaurants make it a place more than just the glitz and glam. That being said, if you are in Cannes, you should capitalize on it and make the most of it. In this article, we will discuss the things that you do in Cannes.

    La Croisette

    La Croisette is a famous and iconic street in France. It extends for a mile and is one of the dominating features of Cannes.  This is a place where you will find some of the best hotels in Cannes. Most of these hotels have private beach spaces. La Croisette is a place where you spend some leisure time just by witnessing the awesomeness of what is around. Just sitting down in the sidewalks and stretching your legs will make the day perfect.


    Marche Forville

    The French are generally known for their fresh and daily markets. We do accept the fact it takes a lot to be French, but if there is one French thing that can be done easily is buying some fresh fruits and vegetables from the Marche Forville, which is open all days, except on Mondays. It is an abode of freshness where you can get everything like olives, meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. It is actually a great opportunity to hand pick the items you need and cook a meal of your own.

    Cannes Yachting Festival

    Everyone might have heard about the Cannes Film Festival, but the Cannes Yachting Festival is something most of you might not have heard. It is not just a festival where the luxury yachts are displayed. If you are rich enough, you can actually buy some yachts that are on sale. The festival happens during the month of September every year. It does not matter whether you are buying it or not. It is an opportunity where you can get your hands on some luxurious, sleek and elegant machines on earth.

    La Croix Des Grades

    La Croix Des Grades actually has an interesting history of how this place became one of the most preferred holiday destinations. It was during the 19th century that British travelers started showing some interest in this place. In the west of the village, a man built a chateau and laid a garden. This later turned into a 200-acre wide public space.

    La  Mairie

    La Mairie is actually the Town Hall of Cannes. It is really astonishing that the entire building was built within three years. The marvelous architecture was built by Louis Hourlier. There are a lot of restaurants and shops near the building. So make sure to explore everything and make the best of it.

    Le Vieux Port

    Le Vieux Port is the old port of Cannes. There are a lot of bars in the edges of the port. You witness some humongous yachts docking in the pot while grabbing a drink in these bars. This is one of those places where you can witness how luxurious people can be.

    Places To Visit In Cannes

    People should understand the fact that Cannes is not just about The Cannes Film Festival. Just because the event got a lot of popularity, it does not mean that it is the only good thing about the place. Cannes is blessed with an amazing climate throughout the year and a lot of breathtaking sights. In this article, we will discuss the places to visit in Cannes.

    Boulevard de la Croisette

    The Boulevard de la Croisette is actually a place where you find a lot of tourist activity. The whole place is filled with a lot of luxurious hotels and boutiques. The place actually extends from Palais des Festivals to La Roseraie park. It is a long stretch where you will find some amazing beaches and believe us you will not get bored at all.  When you are there make sure to stop by Port Pierre Canto where you can find some luxury yachts being docked in the shore. If you want to have a sunbath or enjoy some water sports, you can take a stop at the Port Palm beach which is the western side of Pointe Croisette.

    Le Suquest

    Le Suquest is located on the slopes of Mont Chevalier. It is actually a fishing village. When you visit this place, you actually get transported to the olden days as most of the buildings in the area are perfectly maintained with old French architecture. It is a traffic free place where you can really relax and take your mind off from the routine. Some of the must visit places are the old church, Eglise du Suquet and the tour of Mount Chevalier. The wonderful sight from the top which almost covers the entire town of Cannes is something that cannot be explained in words.

    Notre Dame de l’Esperance

    Notre Dame de l’Esperance is located on the top of Le Suquet. It is the most important church in the whole of Cannes. It has a lot of historic importance. There are speculations that the church was constructed in the 17th century. The gothic interiors are something that will definitely keep haunting people for three to four days.

    The church was actually used as a hospital during the Second World War. During the month of July, the Musical Nights of Le Suquet is conducted for seven days. People from many parts of the world come exclusively for this festival.

    La Malmaison Museum

    La Malmaison Museum was built in the year 1863. It has a game room, a tea room, and a huge hotel. The museum is filled with some exceptional contemporary art collection. If you are a person who is into art, you will definitely fall in love with this place. There are two major events that happen in this museum. Some of the works of Picasso, Matisse, Ozenfant and Cesar Miro are showcased in these events. The events are very famous in the art enthusiasts circle and have people attending from all over the world.

    Best Places to shop in Cannes

    You should be a dumb person if you are thinking that Cannes is not a place for shopping. A place that is visited by some of the biggest celebrities every year has everything that it takes to offer the best shopping experience. From the expensive designer wear to normal brands, Cannes can cater to all kinds of people when it comes to shopping. Especially when you show up in a luxury vehicle booked through one of these Cannes rental options. In this article, we will see some of the best places to shop in Cannes.

    Paule Ka

    Paule Ka was started in the year 1987. Paule Ka is known for offering g the best when it comes to stylish dress, jumpers, and accessories. It is located in La Croisette Boulevard. Their dresses are a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. Every dress has a Persian touch to it. They have many branches in Paris. In 2012 they also launched their eyewear collection. They also launched their black carpet collection in 2010 which made the headlines in the fashion industry.


    If you are looking for some good brand at affordable rate Belair is the ideal choice for you. The Persian brand has more than twenty branches in all over the country. They also have a perfectly functioning online store. They make it a point to hit the balance between following the latest trend and providing good quality clothing. This is one of the ideal places to pick some essential elements of a French wardrobe.

    Leonard Paris

    Leonard Paris is located near la Croisette. It is a famous Persian brand that specializes in making silk clothes. The brand has an amazing collection of great quality clothes. They actually celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2018. It was actually found by Jacques Leonard with Daniel Tribouillard. Their revolutionary designs gained them a lot of popularity.

    Le Grand Bazar

    The Le Grand Bazar was established in 1997. The property has three floors where you can find some of the best brands such as Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant, Loewe, and Maison Margiela. It is one of the most famous stores in Cannes. If you are in this place during the film festival, there are good possibilities that you might come across some big celebrities.

    Apostrophe-Georges Rech

    Apostrophe-Georges Rech is a boutique that is located in chic rue d’Antibes. There are various boutiques nearby. It was actually a culmination of two brands Georges Rech and Apostrophe. They merged together in 2005. They have an amazing collection that can really make head turn towards you. These outfits are worth wearing to some big occasions including the Cannes Film Festival.


    MyAnnika is a shop that offers some of the latest and stylish dresses. It was founded in the year 2013. People here call it the Open Brick Mortar Store. If you are looking for some dapper red carpet look at this place where you can find some. The place can offer all kinds of dresses from miniskirts to full-length gowns. If you would like to hire a luxury car in other countries, check out some of these European offices of Apex.

    Best Hotels in Cannes

    Cannes which is one of the most preferred tourist locations in France is very famous for the Cannes Film Festival. The amazing town in France is filled with a lot of things that be an absolute treat for our eyes.

    There are no second thoughts on the fact that the place is great. But if you are not choosing the right hotel to stay, then no matter how great the place is, your entire holiday will be a disaster. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the best hotels in Cannes.

     Hotel Barriere Le Majestic

    If you really want to experience the awesomeness of Cannes staying in Barriere Le Majestic will be a perfect choice. The hotel literally renders everyone with royal treatment from the moment you enter the premises. Make sure to spend some time on the relaxing rooftop area so that you can enjoy the breathtaking view. It has everything from perfectly maintained rooms, great bar, spa, party area and a lot more.

    Radisson Blu 1853 Hotel and Thalasso

    The name Radisson Blu is very much synonymous with offering great service in the hospitality industry. If they are having a property in Cannes, then we can be sure that it will definitely be a class apart from the rest. The hotel has a vintage luxurious décor that will make anyone fall in love with it. The rooftop view of the ocean is one of the captivating aspects of the hotel. They have properly stocked up bar that functions 24/7 and a great restaurant that provides you food that can treat your taste buds.

    Le Grand Hotel Cannes

    If you are looking out for some French extravagance, then Le Grand Hotel will definitely be the ideal choice for you. The hotel oozes luxury and sophistication in every element. From the smallest crockery to the service by the hotel staff you cannot complain about anything. One of the important things that you need to note down is that they have a Michelin star. If you are lucky enough, there are good possibilities that you might come across some celebrities as the hotel is known for hosting some of the biggest names in the world.


    Five Seas Hotel

    The Five Seas Hotel is a boutique hotel that has 45 luxurious rooms. It is located at the center of Cannes and is exactly two steps away from La Croisette which is actually an added advantage. There is VIP access to the private beach area where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

    JW Marriot Cannes

    Another famous name in the list. The chain of hotels has a property in one of the prime locations in Cannes. The five-star hotel offers the best of everything. The luxurious accommodation is directly opposite to the sea. It was in JM Marriot that the first ever Cannes Film Festival was held.

    Best Clubs in Cannes

    The amazing town of Cannes has a very vibrant and lively nightlife.  Taking into account the glitz and glam that the city is known for, it is mandatory to have a nightlife that is worth mentioning.

    It does not matter whether you are looking out for fine wine, perfectly made cocktail or a place with a dance floor where you can party like there is no tomorrow. Cannes has everything that can cater to all kinds of audience and exceed the levels of expectations. In this article, we will see the best clubs in Cannes.

    Le Bar A Vin

    Le Bar is one of those places that can offer a traditional bar experience. The place has more than a hundred varieties of wine. The place has cozy seating, with some high stools. If you are someone who is into wine or barrel aged beer, this place would be the ideal choice for you. Most of the locals would definitely suggest trying this place.

    Brown sugar

    The bar has a perfect name as it is very addictive. Brown Sugar attracts a lot of young crowds and is very popular with them. The old lanterns and the amazing music keep the energy level high throughout the night. There are good possibilities that you will find some new cocktails on the menu that you not heard. The place is all about hip hop and maintains hip hop culture perfectly. It is a casual place where hangout with friends and have a memorable night.

    Charly’s Bar

    Charly’s Bar is a cave-themed bar that is known for its great ambiance. The place offers some good cocktails and wine. The bar is mostly filled with hip hop crowd and has a great music scene. They have really cool bartenders who can put up a great show with their cocktail making skills. Remember the cocktails in this place are a bit expensive, but it is worth the price paid for it.

    Morrison’s club

    Morrison’s pub has astonishing décor that has been imported from Ireland. The pub never misses out when it comes to attracting the foreign crowd. There is also some live sport that is telecasted. So if you are a person who would love to enjoy sports with a good drink, then Morrison’s Pub is the right place for you. Even though the place does not offer a wide range, they do offer some pretty decent quality of wine, cocktails, and beers.

    Le For you

    Le for you is considered to be one of the hippest hangouts in Cannes. If you are a person who is a bit cautious about spending some money, this is not the place for you. But the top-notch cocktails and the live EDMs from some of the best DJs is something that you cannot afford to miss.


    Baoli is very famous as many celebrities often hang out here. You will definitely come across some big names in the industry if you are there during the film festivals. Both the in house DJs and the guest DJs can elevate the spirits and keep things going for a long time.

    Best Beaches in Cannes

    The first thing that everyone should know about Cannes is that when it comes to beaches, they can be classified into two categories. They are public beaches and private beaches. The only difference between the two is that the private beaches will have amenities such as lockers, showers and sun loungers. The public beaches are more natural and will definitely have much crowd when compared to the private beaches. In this article, we will see some of the best beaches in Cannes.

    Carlton Beach

    Carlton beach is a private beach which is actually owned by Hotel Carlton. The beach has all the amenities that you are expecting. You can also get your food served there if you are staying in the Carlton Hotel. You can also ask for floats that will help if you are taking a dip in the ocean. Since it is privately owned, it is maintained properly. The water is also very clear which allows everyone to have a good time at the beach. Remember that if you are not a guest at the hotel, then you should pay to enjoy your time at the beach.


    Long Beach

    Long Beach is a private beach that is run by Hotel Marriot. We are not sure about the enjoyment, but the long beach is one place which can relax your minds. There is a beach facing restaurant that serves amazing food and cocktails. You can also get them served near the beach if you want. Long Beach has been considered as one of the best beaches for the past thirty years. It does not matter if you are trying to take a dip in the sea or just stretch your legs and relax; Long Beach would be the perfect choice for you.

     Plage de la Bocca

    Plage de le Bocca is one of the most famous public beaches in Cannes. You will find a lot of young crowd and families on the beach having a good time.  People who are staying in small hotels which do not have private beaches prefer to spend some time on this beach. The beach is very clean, and the water is also perfect.

    Plage du Midi

    Plage du Midi is located in the western side of Cannes that is very close to Le Suquet. Le Suquet is actually the city’s old part. There is also a public park Croix-des-Gardes near the beach. Before hitting the beach, it would be great if you indulge in some physical activity in the park. There are a lot of restaurants and ice cream parlors near the beach which can provide with amazing dishes.

    Palm Beach

    If you are with your family that includes kids, Palm Beach is the best choice. The beach is comparatively safe as there are no sudden pits. The kids can enjoy the surfers performing some tricks and riding the waves. The beach is exactly located in the place where you see the Island of Sainte Marguerite. It is one of the most preferred beaches for families as it is a great place to have a picnic.


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