You should be a dumb person if you are thinking that Cannes is not a place for shopping. A place that is visited by some of the biggest celebrities every year has everything that it takes to offer the best shopping experience. From the expensive designer wear to normal brands, Cannes can cater to all kinds of people when it comes to shopping. Especially when you show up in a luxury vehicle booked through one of these Cannes rental options. In this article, we will see some of the best places to shop in Cannes.

Paule Ka

Paule Ka was started in the year 1987. Paule Ka is known for offering g the best when it comes to stylish dress, jumpers, and accessories. It is located in La Croisette Boulevard. Their dresses are a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. Every dress has a Persian touch to it. They have many branches in Paris. In 2012 they also launched their eyewear collection. They also launched their black carpet collection in 2010 which made the headlines in the fashion industry.


If you are looking for some good brand at affordable rate Belair is the ideal choice for you. The Persian brand has more than twenty branches in all over the country. They also have a perfectly functioning online store. They make it a point to hit the balance between following the latest trend and providing good quality clothing. This is one of the ideal places to pick some essential elements of a French wardrobe.

Leonard Paris

Leonard Paris is located near la Croisette. It is a famous Persian brand that specializes in making silk clothes. The brand has an amazing collection of great quality clothes. They actually celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2018. It was actually found by Jacques Leonard with Daniel Tribouillard. Their revolutionary designs gained them a lot of popularity.

Le Grand Bazar

The Le Grand Bazar was established in 1997. The property has three floors where you can find some of the best brands such as Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant, Loewe, and Maison Margiela. It is one of the most famous stores in Cannes. If you are in this place during the film festival, there are good possibilities that you might come across some big celebrities.

Apostrophe-Georges Rech

Apostrophe-Georges Rech is a boutique that is located in chic rue d’Antibes. There are various boutiques nearby. It was actually a culmination of two brands Georges Rech and Apostrophe. They merged together in 2005. They have an amazing collection that can really make head turn towards you. These outfits are worth wearing to some big occasions including the Cannes Film Festival.


MyAnnika is a shop that offers some of the latest and stylish dresses. It was founded in the year 2013. People here call it the Open Brick Mortar Store. If you are looking for some dapper red carpet look at this place where you can find some. The place can offer all kinds of dresses from miniskirts to full-length gowns. If you would like to hire a luxury car in other countries, check out some of these European offices of Apex.