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Bill Boggia, B’Eng, C’Eng, MIMechE
Owner, Lupus Engineering Services Ltd
Abergeldie Cottage
Crathie, Ballater, Aberdeenshire
Scotland AB35 5SY
Career Summary
I graduated in 1989 with an honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 1990 to 1997 Senior design engineer for Sheffield Forgemasters carrying out design and finite element analysis (FEA) of offshore structural castings (jacket, topside & sub-sea applications) and establishing in house FEA capability becoming a fully chartered Engineer in 1995. Moved to Schlumberger rps for 3 months in 1997 working as a reliability engineer carrying out tests and evaluation of petrol pumps. This was followed by 5 years working for Lloyds Register of Shipping in Aberdeen where I carried out both linear & non-linear FEA for the assessment of offshore structures / ships and related equipment. In 2001 I set up my own consultancy company Lupus Engineering Services Ltd carrying out structural design and analysis services for offshore, marine, & renewable energy industries.


Plymouth University: B’Eng in Mechanical Engineering 2cnd class honours 1989
Sheffield University : Course in metallurgy of iron & steel 1990
Sheffield University: Course on structural design to BS5950 1991
Sheffield University: German Course 1996 / 1997

Employment History

Lupus Engineering Services Ltd - October 2001 to present

Responsibilities: To carry out detailed design and structural assessments using a combination of empirical calculation methodologies in MATHCAD or EXCEL as well as advanced Finite Element Methods typically using ABAQUS but also utilising COSMOS, ANSYS, TNO-DIANA, CALCULIX, and FEMGEN pre & post processor. Types of work undertaken include:

· Linear Elastic FEA of structures with assessment to various codes and standards including; AISC, API RP2A, ABS rules, Lloyds Rules, BV Rules, DNV Offshore Standards, BS5950, BS5500, ASME VIII, etc for strength and fatigue requirements.

· Non-linear burst assessments of corroded pressure equipment.

· Non-linear buckling collapse analysis (expert witness / accident event recreation / beyond code - checks)

· Non-linear dynamic contact (impact) analysis

· Design of:
gantry systems, cable cages, lifting baskets, sea containers, sea fastenings, launch & recovery equipment, pressure vessels, anchors, pull-in equipment and lifting equipment, floating structures for marine and renewable energy applications, steel castings, wind turbine structures, domestic dwelling modifications.
Design in steel, concrete, and composites.

Client Projects

Client: Global Maritime A/S
Carrying out detailed finite element analysis of the pontoon structures and associated steel castings for the GMLIFT heavy lift platform decomisioning vessel due to start construction this year.

Client: US Submarines
·Carrying out detailed FEA on one of the worlds first underwater hotels, to be in based in Fiji, using ABAQUS for undertaking buckling collapse analysis.

Client: Marlin Submarines
·Carrying out FEA of Triton 2 man mini submarine for operating at 12m water depth. Using ABAQUS for buckling collapse analysis and evaluation of water-tight hatch seal performance through the use of multiple contact definitions.

Client: Ocean Team Power and Umbilical
Carry out the detailed design and analysis of cable laying equipment for the Team Oman ship used for installation of cables to the new Dutch Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee Project.

Client: Marine Energy Systems
Took part in a FEED study to demonstrate feasibility the SEADOG wave energy generation concept. The work include structural and mechanical engineering design as well as assisiting with DTI grant applications.

Client: Global Maritime
Carry out detailed FEA of main upper column and lower pontoon connections for the GM4000 semi-submersible drilling vessel - strength and fatigue design.

Client: Global Maritime
· Carrying out detailed FEA of GM4000 well intervention semi-sub vessel for strength and fatigue.
· Carried out dynamic explicit analysis (ABAQUS) of a dropped container hitting concrete mattress protected pipeline for the Buzzard project. All interacting components were modelled separately and appropriate contact between all parts, down to and including the seabed, defined. The analysis was used to demonstrate the suitability of the mattress protection system.

Client: Andrew Palmers Associates
· Carried out detailed solid brick element FEA using ABAQUS for strength and fatigue analysis of the Cutter Project sub-sea cast Wye Piece.

Client: London Marine Consulting Ltd
Carried out the detailed FEA, using ABAQUS, of the Chinguetti project sub-sea Riser Connectors and their latching mechanisms. The analysis included full modelling of the latch mechanism and separate pull-in head arrangement - as an assembly of parts spatially related through a variety of contact pair definitions.

Client: Marlin Submarines
Carried out strength analysis, non-linear material and geometry - buckling collapse, of mini research submarine using ABAQUS. The analysis also investigated the contact sealing around the acryllic view ports.

Client: Global Maritime
· Expert Witness work - Carried out ship impact simulation of the KURE bulk carrier. This involved modelling the full ship with the mesh refined in the impact region. Dynamic explicit was used to simulate the collision under various conditions of impact velocity and trajectory, as well as a full range of sensitivity studies to assess the effects of varying damping, mesh density, friction, and material models.
· Carried out non-linear buckling collapse pushover analysis of mooring Dolphin to determine its ultimate resistance to ship collision.
· Carried out casting design and FEA on Global Maritime GM Lift Project. This is the worlds first ever purpose designed de-commissioning vessel for the removal of spent offshore platforms.

Client: Marlin Submarines
· Carried out non-linear buckling collapse analysis of Marlin Submarines “Alicia” six-man mini-sub. Also partaking in a documentary film with the Discovery Channel about the Alicia. The analysis also included a fatigue assessment as well as comparrsion and correlation of results with strain gauge readings from pressure testing at the National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen.

Client: Zenocean
· Undertook work for the installation contractors for one of Britain’s first commercial offshore wind farms “North Hoyle”. Carried out structural design of cable laying equipment and associated sea-fastenings & took part in the mobilisation on the Pontra Maris barge on behalf of CNS Renewables Ltd in Aberdeen. The work included attending and directing structural aspects of the on site barge mobilisation as well as designing sand-anchors for pull-in purposes at the “beach” end of the installation. This was later followed by work on the Scroby Sands wind farm just off Great Yarmouth, for the same client, which included sub-sea ploughing assessment.

Client: London Marine Consultants
· Analysis of a full turret mooring system assembly for DORIS engineering including full non-linear FEA of complete mooring system and establishment of bearing force distributions under varying sea states using ABAQUS.
· Analysis of a disconnectable mooring system for the Woollybutt FPSO in Australia. This included non-linear impact analysis, flooded compartment burst assessments, as well as full 3D structural analysis of mooring system components using ABAQUS and FSII.

Lloyds Register of Shipping August 1997 to October 2001

Responsibilities: Carry out structural design appraisals of offshore and marine structures and related equipment to internationally recognised codes and standards (as indicated above), using ABAQUS, ASAS, STAAD & MathCad. Applications included; topside primary & secondary structure, drilling derricks, lifting appliances, sub-sea protection frames, pressure vessels, composite submarines, jacket push-over.

· Carry out structural surveys at manufacturers sites and offshore installations.
· Writing of verification schemes for UK offshore installations.
· Project management of certifying authority involvement for multi-national projects.
· Technical reporting & presentations.

Major structural analysis related projects included:

· 2000: Non-linear buckling collapse analysis of LR5 composite mini-submarine later used for rescue attempt of Russian sub-mariners on the Kursk.
· 2001: Full 3D FEA of South Arne gravity based structure (million degrees of freedom - large at the time) using super-element methodology in ASAS (structural / thermal) and parallel processing on multiple computers.
· 2001: Non-linear burst assessments of corroded pressure equipment on North Sea Ninian platforms for determination of serviceability.

Schlumberger rps May 1997 to August 1997

· Carry out proto-type test and evaluation of fuel dispensing equipment.
· Improved fatigue life of flexible hose retraction system.

River Don Castings Ltd (Sheffield Forgemasters) December1990 to May 1997

· Carry out structural design and FEA of offshore structural castings for jacket, topside and sub-sea applications using MathCad & COSMOS FEA suite.
· Technical reporting & presentations
· Develop engineering software applications.
· Prepare bids and attend bid meetings.
· Project manage and expedite the manufacturing of castings.
· Attend Industrial sales exhibitions on behalf of the company.


·Sheffield Forgemasters “Technical Review” Issue 5 October 1996
·World Expro 1997 - article; castings the best answer for sub-sea Y’s

Training Courses

Femsys Ltd: Introduction to Femgen & Femview with ABAQUS interface 1998
HKS Warrington: Introduction to ABAQUS standard 1998
HKS Warrington: Analysis of composites using ABAQUS 1999
HKS Warrington: Fracture mechanics using ABAQUS 1999

Lloyds Register of Shipping Aberdeen: Verification schemes 1999
Lloyds Register of Shipping London: Project Management 1999

Activities & Interests

Reading, hiking, camping, bothying, hang-gliding, travel, craft, gardening, woodland craft.

Client List - Lupus Engineering Services Ltd

Lloyds Register of Shipping
London Marine Consultants
London Offshore Consulting
Global Maritime
Andrew Palmer Associates
Australia FPSO Management
Marlin Submarines
US Submarines
CNS Renewables Ltd
Flexible Engineered Solutions Ltd
Oceanteam Power and Umbilical
K D Marine
PDC Marine
Garrad Hassan
Marine Energy Systems