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WINDHUNTER at the Florida Energy Commission and Florida Climate Change Conference, May 8-11, 2007

Report by Barbara Nicholson

The night before the conference, the FL Energy Commission held a hearing in the Aviation authority Boardroom at TIA and we were allowed 5 minutes to present after the major presentations and a 15 minute break. David & Tom Krumreich displayed and quickly explained the Windhunter model and the Hydrogen flow Chart and they were well received and several commissioner asked questions of them. The hearing began at 5:30 pm and we left at 9:15 pm before the last 11 presentations from citizens took place. We met David Bruderly "Mr HYDROGEN" there.

Top: Florida Energy Commision Hearing. Tuesday May 8, 2007
Bottom: David Nicholson presenting Windhunter at Florida Energy Commision Hearing. Tom Krumreich is holding the Windhunter flow chart.

Next morning we were up at 6 am to prepare our exhibit booth for the conference attended by over 300 people. We were given two 8' tables and four chairs and we managed to fill all that space with the wind turbine, the Windhunter model, the toy hydrogen fuel cell car from China, a board with 3 different light bulbs and a watt meter, the ice core chart, the solar panel with flashlight and all those other fun things you've all seen plus all our literature. Our new 36" x 36" poster LOGO presided over it all with the new HYDROGEN GENERATION FLOW CHART under it and on the table below them was Tom's 21" TV monitor showing our website. David also made up the "Windhunter Bible" which had all the info on everything on the table and more.

Top: George & Ruth Shambaugh and David & Barbara Nicholson are behind the display table. The fan on the left end is causing the 8ft tall scale model wind turbine to rotate. Next to the ice core graph is the bowl with Earth Fortune cookies, a power comparator of incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, a solar panel demonstrator, Windhunter literature, nine turbine scale model Windhunter, and a hydrogen fuel cell powered toy car.
Bottom: Windhunter exhibit table with 400,000 year climate graph from ice core data at left end.

Our excellent Tabling Team consisted of Tom Krumreich, Karen Landers, Olav Olsen, Joe & MaryAnn Illingworth, George &Ruth Shambaugh, John & Bobbie Haynes, Frank Slesnick, Ed Root. They all had Windhunter buttons to wear and when not working the table were allowed to attend any sessions they wanted. We had prepared them with two training sessions previous to the conference and were very proud of their ability to inform and host the attendees. Our daughter Jill Reynolds of Ocala helped to prepare and train for this conference but was unable to attend at the last minute.

From left: George Shambaugh, Joe Illingworth, Bobbie Haynes, Tom Krumreich, David N., Florida Senator Mike Bennett, Barbara N., Ruth Shambaugh and John Haynes. Other Windhunter helpers not shown on this last day are: Olav Olsen, Ed Root, Karen Landers, Frank Slesnick & Jill Reynolds.

The proceedings are available on the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University web site, located here: http://www.ces.fau.edu/ccc/presentations.php

The entire conference was excellent including the setting in the Renaissance Hotel at the International Plaza Mall. Luncheon speakers were spectacular and Alex Sink got several standing ovations and truly "made our socks roll up and down!" Thomas Pravda of the UK, David McCary subbing for Mayor Iorio, Michael Sole Sec DEP , Steve Seibert of the Century Commission and Tom Crisman of the Patel Institute, Retired Ambassador Richard Benedick of Nat'l Council for Science & the Environment were all terrific. Concurrent sessions made it impossible to hear everyone and I know I missed some other truly marvelous speakers. Sen. Michael S. Bennett, R, FL Dist 21 was the wrap up speaker and delighted and inspired us all! We will continue to be in communication with him about climate change and he will be pushing for net metering in the legislature. HOORAY!

From left: John Haynes, David Nicholson, FL Senator (Republican) Mike Bennett. Joe & Mary Ann Illingworth are in the background.

Each day began about 6 am and ended at 6:30 pm when we broke down some of the exhibit except for the larger pieces. Friday at 1:00pm nine of us went upstairs to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for a Windhunter Corporation lunch to celebrate the event and all of our hard work. Today at By the Bay Cafe in Ruskin the other half of the Tabling Team celebrated as they were not working on Friday.

Friday lunch after the conference at the Cheesecake Factory: Joe & Mary Ann Illingworth, Bobbie Haynes, David & Barbara Nicholson, George & Ruth Shamgaugh, and John Haynes. Tom Krumreich took this and most of the other pictures.

Much networking was done and we continue our contacts with the conference contacts and will on into the future. We felt the response to our concept was extremely gratifying and are now highly motivated to continue this adventure into the land of new global business in the age of Climate Change.