The amazing town of Cannes has a very vibrant and lively nightlife.  Taking into account the glitz and glam that the city is known for, it is mandatory to have a nightlife that is worth mentioning.

It does not matter whether you are looking out for fine wine, perfectly made cocktail or a place with a dance floor where you can party like there is no tomorrow. Cannes has everything that can cater to all kinds of audience and exceed the levels of expectations. In this article, we will see the best clubs in Cannes.

Le Bar A Vin

Le Bar is one of those places that can offer a traditional bar experience. The place has more than a hundred varieties of wine. The place has cozy seating, with some high stools. If you are someone who is into wine or barrel aged beer, this place would be the ideal choice for you. Most of the locals would definitely suggest trying this place.

Brown sugar

The bar has a perfect name as it is very addictive. Brown Sugar attracts a lot of young crowds and is very popular with them. The old lanterns and the amazing music keep the energy level high throughout the night. There are good possibilities that you will find some new cocktails on the menu that you not heard. The place is all about hip hop and maintains hip hop culture perfectly. It is a casual place where hangout with friends and have a memorable night.

Charly’s Bar

Charly’s Bar is a cave-themed bar that is known for its great ambiance. The place offers some good cocktails and wine. The bar is mostly filled with hip hop crowd and has a great music scene. They have really cool bartenders who can put up a great show with their cocktail making skills. Remember the cocktails in this place are a bit expensive, but it is worth the price paid for it.

Morrison’s club

Morrison’s pub has astonishing décor that has been imported from Ireland. The pub never misses out when it comes to attracting the foreign crowd. There is also some live sport that is telecasted. So if you are a person who would love to enjoy sports with a good drink, then Morrison’s Pub is the right place for you. Even though the place does not offer a wide range, they do offer some pretty decent quality of wine, cocktails, and beers.

Le For you

Le for you is considered to be one of the hippest hangouts in Cannes. If you are a person who is a bit cautious about spending some money, this is not the place for you. But the top-notch cocktails and the live EDMs from some of the best DJs is something that you cannot afford to miss.


Baoli is very famous as many celebrities often hang out here. You will definitely come across some big names in the industry if you are there during the film festivals. Both the in house DJs and the guest DJs can elevate the spirits and keep things going for a long time.