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Olav Olsen, Consultant
I got my Chief Officer (unlimited) after attending Kristiansund Maritime College (Norway) 1955-1957 after obtaining sea service in the Norwegian Merchant Marine and Norwegian Navy. 4 years required to obtain license.

Attended Kristiansund Maritime College 1959-1960 to obtain my Master Mariner Certificate (unlimited).

1957-1959 Sailed on various vessels owned by Lib-Ore Steamship Company, a fully owned subsidiary of Alcoa as junior officer.

1960-1967 Continued working for Lib-Ore S/S Co - got my first Command in 1963.

1967-1982 Managed Alcoa's foreign flag vessels from Trinidad and Tobago.

1982 till retirement 2000. Continued managing the same fleet from the USA the last years from Pittsburgh PA; my title was V.P of Marine & Engineering.