The first thing that everyone should know about Cannes is that when it comes to beaches, they can be classified into two categories. They are public beaches and private beaches. The only difference between the two is that the private beaches will have amenities such as lockers, showers and sun loungers. The public beaches are more natural and will definitely have much crowd when compared to the private beaches. In this article, we will see some of the best beaches in Cannes.

Carlton Beach

Carlton beach is a private beach which is actually owned by Hotel Carlton. The beach has all the amenities that you are expecting. You can also get your food served there if you are staying in the Carlton Hotel. You can also ask for floats that will help if you are taking a dip in the ocean. Since it is privately owned, it is maintained properly. The water is also very clear which allows everyone to have a good time at the beach. Remember that if you are not a guest at the hotel, then you should pay to enjoy your time at the beach.


Long Beach

Long Beach is a private beach that is run by Hotel Marriot. We are not sure about the enjoyment, but the long beach is one place which can relax your minds. There is a beach facing restaurant that serves amazing food and cocktails. You can also get them served near the beach if you want. Long Beach has been considered as one of the best beaches for the past thirty years. It does not matter if you are trying to take a dip in the sea or just stretch your legs and relax; Long Beach would be the perfect choice for you.

 Plage de la Bocca

Plage de le Bocca is one of the most famous public beaches in Cannes. You will find a lot of young crowd and families on the beach having a good time.  People who are staying in small hotels which do not have private beaches prefer to spend some time on this beach. The beach is very clean, and the water is also perfect.

Plage du Midi

Plage du Midi is located in the western side of Cannes that is very close to Le Suquet. Le Suquet is actually the city’s old part. There is also a public park Croix-des-Gardes near the beach. Before hitting the beach, it would be great if you indulge in some physical activity in the park. There are a lot of restaurants and ice cream parlors near the beach which can provide with amazing dishes.

Palm Beach

If you are with your family that includes kids, Palm Beach is the best choice. The beach is comparatively safe as there are no sudden pits. The kids can enjoy the surfers performing some tricks and riding the waves. The beach is exactly located in the place where you see the Island of Sainte Marguerite. It is one of the most preferred beaches for families as it is a great place to have a picnic.